Upon the initial activation, Horoscope places a buff on all party members in range. And that’s exactly why you might need help picking your new main Job or Jobs this time around. Essential Dignity is a low-cooldown single target oGCD heal. For example, if you start in Nocturnal Sect, you can activate Neutral Sect and cast Aspected Helios to apply the native Nocturnal Field and the unique version of Diurnal Aspected Helios. It’s free healing, it’s beefy, it’s pretty. Lightspeed reduces the cast times of your spells by 2.5 seconds for 15 seconds. This is why you’ll often see very fast Astrologian gearsets. When you play a card while in combat, the card’s Seal is stored in one of the slots at the top of your job gauge. For more in-depth AST discussion and questions beyond the scope of this guide, please direct your attention to The Balance Discord, where there are plenty of skilled ASTs who are more than happy to answer questions and work with you. The sequence of the opener branches depending on if/when you draw duplicate seals. This is why Redraw is prioritized before MA for fishing for seals, because getting the right seal earlier means you’re more likely to finish the entire opener earlier, which is better for rDPS altogether. Don’t worry too much about overhealing with it since it’s free, but you may end up holding it for a little while if the tank isn’t taking enough damage to make use of it. This gives you a nice buffer for the tank’s HP while he gathers the mobs, giving you more time to DPS or do whatever else before you need to heal the tank. Balance - Damage Up card. ProsBeing prettyStuffing people full of buffsFeeling like a concert pianistBeing very pretty, Cons Oops! The rework has been very contentious, but it’s what we’ve got, and you’re here to learn how to use it. The opposite sect effect that is granted under Neutral Sect is a unique version of the buff, while the effect that is native to the sect you’re in is the normal version of the buff. You can find me as Zyrk#8529 on The Balance Discord, as a moderator and Astrologian mentor, for feedback, questions, comments, etc. When aligned with all three seals, any arcanum may be drawn. As a general guideline, place it every time it’s available, and then adjust the timings of your placements from there. Very little about the Astrologian did not receive a rework in Shadowbringers. This cuts out the last vestige of entirely unnecessary oGCD spam from Astrologian’s kit, and really improves the job’s flow. Those things are discussed in Zyrk’s Bullshit Guide to the Principles of Healing. Use this before Diurnal Aspected Benefic, use it before you resort to ED charges, use it before you let your cohealer use Regen or Aetherpact or Excogitation. So, with the 20% buff, Aspected Benefic becomes a 240 potency upfront heal, with a 1200 potency regen and a 600 potency shield, for a total of 2040 potency in a single GCD. It’s fairly common, then, that Synastry could go unused for an entire encounter, because it buffs something that you only use sparingly. There are some situations where Synastry may legitimately be the most efficient tool you have for the job. These Seals are used to fuel Divination. But, in fights with so little raid damage that you barely even have to use GCD heals in the first place, the difference between sects becomes virtually nonexistent. Looking to the stars to help light the way in battle is the remit of this card-wielding healer. When Royal Roaded, buffs the next card used to have 150% Potency. The new expansion includes major reworks across the board, as well as two entirely new classes: Dancer and Gunbreaker. Noticed something broken? It will not address the general principles of healing as they apply to all healers. Your email address will not be published. FFXIV Astrologian Guide ... Every 30 seconds, you can Draw a new card and make decisions to play it, burn it, or save it for later. At least in my opinion as an main Astrologian. The catch is that playing the Astrologian relies on randomness. The value of each card fluctuates according to the type of encounter. Horoscope’s description has proven to be a little confusing for players. The nice thing is that the extra potency doesn’t have to come out immediately, and the upgraded buff lasts a very long time, so you can prepare it far in advance. The symbols of The Twelve can be seen on the cards. In that case, you’d do something like… use Drawat 5:30, Play/Minor Arcana your held card around 5:55, Draw again, Play/Minor Arcana that card on someone, activate Divination when it comes up, and then throw out another card with Sleeve Draw. Our focus is on things that are unique to Astrologian: AST-specific spells/abilities, cards, strengths, weaknesses, etc. Astrologian also has the Royal Road ability which essentially throws away a card while simultaneously giving the Astrologian a buff. This is the basis of coordinated raid burst, and it’s a huge part of what makes Astrologian good instead of okay. tarot masks. Meanwhile, the Astrologian can still assume Diurnal or Nocturnal stances before any fight. Either use it as a supplementary freebie heal or think of it more like a “buff my next Helios/Aspected Helios by 400 potency” skill. Unlike the White Mage, which almost entirely focuses on raw hit points, the Astrologian also provides major damage buffs to the entire squad. What Astrologian lacks in … Whispering Dawn can sit on a cactus for a minute, because Earthly Star is a diva who needs that stage time. The Astrologian in FF14 is a healer. But now you should have a much, much easier time getting into the card system. are abilities. It gives a 20% buff to our healing GCDs, and causes Aspected Benefic and Aspected Helios to apply the effects of both Diurnal and Nocturnal Sect. It’s okay to delay it and even end up losing a cast over the course of the fight if it means you’re saving GCDs as a result of getting better value out of the Star’s healing (as long as you’re not losing out on an opportunity to hit more than one enemy with the damage, which is almost always the better option). And it works whether you’re using Diurnal or Nocturnal. That said, there’s very little concrete feedback to indicate whether you’re doing anything right when it comes to anything other than keeping the party alive, so this may still be informative for more experienced Astrologians when it comes to expected ability usage and the general guidelines for proper cardplay. Don’t sleep on it. Even White Mage has access to party mitigation through Temperance, so having many sources of limited access to party mitigation may often prove more than enough to negate the need for on-demand shields from Nocturnal Sect in a decently coordinated group or a fight that doesn’t have frequent lethal raid damage that requires mitigation. It may be more efficient to hold onto the cooldown here and there in order to use it at a better time, even if it means you get fewer total uses in the fight. “You just spent six pages talking about oGCDs and you didn’t even cover raid buffs?” Yes indeed. We’re here to help with another FF14 Job guide — this time for the awe inspiring Astrologian. The obvious role is as an emergency heal. Ff14 astrologian guide. Small (2.3 x 4 in) Add to cart. For instance, you don’t want to give a Summoner a card right after they’ve refreshed their DoTs and are just going to be spamming Ruin III for the next 15 seconds; you want to give them a card when they’re going to refresh their DoTs with the card active or when they’re going into Dreadwyrm Trance or Firebird Trance. If you ever feel that the modern opener is too complex… gaze into the abyss herein, and from it, summon your strength. Astrologian Leveling Guide Navigation: Page 1: Unlocking, L30 Skills & Rotation, L30 Gear, Class Quest List ... Card management is a whole â€�nother layer placed on top of the already many list of things healers have to worry about – a daunting yet rewarding prospect! Each card now has the same effect on damage. Log In to add custom notes to this or any other game. Each card gives a damage buff for 15 seconds. Astrologian cards will be a big topic I am sure. Define ABC encounter (Attrition, Burst and Coffee break encounters). Inversely, mismanage your … Thanks for taking the time to read our guide to the Astrologian in FF14: Shadowbringers. In Patch 5.1, this skill was updated so that it functions a bit differently, in a good way. Quick and Dirty Guide. Astrologian’s role in the game is defined by its mobility, unique oGCDs, and above all else, cards. Abilities are things that are not tied to the GCD, and they have their own internal recast time/cooldown. Here’s a quick recap: Astrologian class is a healer, as simple (and complicated) as that! Don’t do it. That’s the core principle of healing, but each healer has slightly different ways to accomplish that goal. If you reactivate Horoscope, any party member in range with the buff receives a 200 potency heal for unupgraded Horoscope, or a 400 potency heal for Horoscope Helios. The more kinds of cards you draw, the better the buff. It’s a lengthy mitigation effect (plus a very small heal from the single HoT tick) on a short cooldown, so it’s easy to get decent value out of it while using it frequently, but the value of mitigation is determined by the amount of incoming damage during the buff. Turn any remaining card into a Lord or Lady of Crowns with Minor Arcana. This should help players quickly and more easily draw the cards they actually want in a given moment. Those things are discussed in Zyrk’s Bullshit Guide to the Principles of Healing. Very little about the Astrologian did not receive a rework in Shadowbringers.The Job’s entire card system was reworked — making it more intuitive and easier to deal with RNG. However, the class has the abilities to buff up its party with cards, which makes up for its lack of healing capabilites. It’s a damage gain with a cost. Astrologian: Increases base action damage and HP restoration by 30%. Star timings should generally form the backbone of the healing plan, with other tools being used to fill in the gaps, because you are directly losing damage potency by losing uses of Earthly Star. This ultimate ability just lends 20 percent extra healing potency across the board for 20 seconds. Likewise, Aspected Helios becomes a 240 potency upfront heal with a 600 potency regen and a 300 potency shield, for a total of 1140 potency in a single GCD. Cure III has the advantage of being on-demand and not limited by pesky cooldowns, but it has a hefty MP cost, and you have to spend a GCD casting it (which means you’re losing a potential damage GCD). Stickers Tags. Macintosh PlayStation 3 PlayStation 4. For example: Grouping which enables MA usage:Sleeve Draw (bad seal appears) > Malefic > Redraw (bad seal appears) + MA: (bad seal appears) > Malefic > Redraw (good seal appears) + Play, Grouping which does not enable MA usage:Sleeve Draw (good seal appears) > Malefic > Play (bad seal appears) + Redraw (bad seal appears) > Malefic > Redraw (good seal appears) + Play. OmegaMad. Feel free to contact me directly for things relating to the guide, but as always, The Balance Discord is open for gameplay questions, guidance, and discussion. ... Astrologian is a heavensward job introduced in 2014 Fan Fest in Tokyo, featuring a card-swapping astrologic healer who wields a star globe. Simply put, spells are actions that are on the GCD. Quick astrologian healing CD and cards guide [Question] Close. Hearthstone Beginner's Guide Than. We may not have Cure III or Benediction, but we do have Earthly Star and Essential Dignity. In Nocturnal Sect, you immediately get 1 free tick of the HoT when you activate the skill, even if you don’t channel it. The more kinds of cards you draw, the better the buff. Before the update, you would Draw > Minor Arcana > Play. For Astrologians, it’s their cards, each one giving a buff to the corresponding teammate. You can press it while moving and it will apply the effects to anyone who was close enough when you activated the ability.