And I don’t t regret at all !! Just done 332km. I have a 2003 ba falcon ute. That pin then jams itself amongst the mechanism, and pops the contact pad of the switch out because the contact pad was never crimped into the column properly. This did nothing. If you have any problems with the registration process or your account login, please contact us. By: V8stevo Excellent product made to correct size specifications, undamaged upon delivery, very clean and well presented as well as packaged, very happy customer and would recommend this business to anyone. I had a 2006 BF sedan for 5yrs. OR CALL US The Ford Falcon (BF) is a full-size car that was produced by Ford Australia from 2005 to 2008. The auto transmission repairer couldn't find any problems when they drove it. 8C1R7003BA Ford Transit2006 – 2012 VM 2.4 Turbo Diesel Part Number: 8C1R7003BA Problems: VM Transit gearbox failures are mainly due to weak quality components. All answers will be published on Now the repair shop says it's either electrical or a sensor problem. Problems and faults: Ford FG Falcon. I replaced the coils, spark plugs, and o2 sensor…and this fixed everything. In regards to the transmissions alone, a well maintained BTR 4sp in a BF would be a preferred option over the 5sp FG, in my opinion. Definitely cheaper to own than a euro car. In an unprecedented move, at the 2008 introduction of the FG Falcon… I agree that the handbrake system is shit, and I have had to replace the coil packs, and the front brake rotors. I have had a BA Futura wagon for about a year now. some bogan will lust after it. they are good enough. The auto transmission repairer couldn't find any problems when they drove it. It tried to crank continuously but didn't start. We have built a culture that we are proud of and no one knows why. I got a fault test done at repco and it showed a throttle body fault, o2 sensor fault, and speed sensor fault. the good: The XH can trace its roots to the 1979 XD-series range, and managed to cling to life until it was finally retired in 1999. Important Rules. The common Ford diff bushes problem started with these cars and the hand brake mechanism is just stupid. Yes massive power can be pumped through the robust engine, but slam all that through a sluggish, troublesome automatic transmission, then hit your old man up for money to replace it because it died whilst you were “just driving normally”. If you have a choice and some patience, it would be best to forego the 5sp Falcon and find a 6sp. i have a from new xr6t 2003 model with the premium pack etc. It also dictates that you need to be an overweight slob, living in the suburbs and routinely beat your wife. Drinking beer out of cans, putting sofas on the front porch and doing burnouts in the driveway. Performance wise I would put my turbo up against any large sedan under 100 grand on a point to point across any sealed road. room and seat comfort Family focused reviews and advice for everything family car related. I own a bf they’re not as good as mums 3.8 VY in terms of brakes , fuel economy , sluggish transmission ,power and acceleration, my BF ute is very well maintained but to no avail, its the last ford I will ever buy my next will be toyota , I work on cars all the time year in year out and its getting very hard to find decent cars designed well ,built well and using top quality components minus the obvious cost cutting in build quality and design. The XR6 is about as high performance as Syphillis is sexually arousing. Look after something it treats you well in most cases. So what you have crap on about hasn’t happen to me. Bids on this lot cannot be placed without a valid Australian shipping address. It didn’t rust at all, and it was parked on the street always. Lol. I guess this article was written by some competitors of Ford, too much over-exaggerated That was two and a half years ago. We've listed all relevant models here. depreciation After the first test drive I fell in love with the silky smooth power from that straight six, effortless acceleration, higher ground clearance then the xr6 and cheaper 16 inch tyres and massive tray. But after seeing this post connected the battery charger to the battery and found it was at the bottom bar. The wife has a Carolla, which has had virtually zero go wrong with it in 12 years, but when we drive to work at 110k/h, we have to raise our voice to be heard. interior fit and finish I replaced the auto fluid and filter, and while apart, I unplugged the solenoids and gearbox plug, tightened the terminals, contact cleanered them and plugged them back in. The BA was so superb that the push rod in the brake booster was commonly known to hold the brake master cylinder on. Whilst most of the vehicles with a Ford badge on them are very average the Ford Ranger seems to be an amazing car. The latest and future car tech from around the world, We're here to help you with any car issues. general guide only and should not be relied upon as bespoke advice. But I love this one and will keep it for a while. I can’t believe anybody was ever dumb enough to buy a ba/bf. While some of the issues you raise about the BA/BF is true (i.e. These falcons are great for parts, service is cheap, since I serviced it myself. After I switched from stock 16 ” to 18” on low profile tyres , old suspension started to give up I have a 2006 XR6 with six speed and it has been great. I had a really good laugh reading this blog post. My BA Falcon has nearly got 375,000km and it still going strong. I can honestly say it is the most reliable car that I have ever own and I have had a lot including Jap , European and American. This guide outlines how to read stored diagnostic codes to help with tracing problems, and how to get into timing mode to set the base timing. ba falcons are average cars. 1 new steering column later and you’re back on the road (don’t forget to crimp the contact pad properly in place before installing). FORD FALCON FG 2008-2011 WORKSHOP REPAIR MANUAL ON CD. Actress. Not just utes. Made it run better but still had shutdown and cruise control issues. There is some issues you mentioned in here, but overall for this money and the cost of parts you won’t find anything better Keep the coolant fresh and the radiator clean. Got a old 1983 xe falcon I bought for $200 when I was 18, that’s a pisser of a car talk about cheap and easy fix, pounds the fuel but lpg makes up for it. Misses has a 2010 fg xr6T great car done 165000km. Picture: Supplied Source:National Features NEW Ford was still fighting back from the disaster that was the AU Falcon when it released the all-new FG in 2008. You may be out of fuel, or the fuel isn’t getting to your engine. Bought a 2008 BF wagon, an ex-taxi with 419,000 kms on it from a taxi mechanic for $1700 with a blue slip. high kms suggests regular running which is good for any car. FG Falcon and derivatives up to the last of the line. If you know how to drive. Diff oil 40.000kms © 2021 Carsguide Autotrader Media Solutions Pty Ltd. All rights reserved. Ford specific LED Conversion kits for Ranger PX1, PX2 & PX3 - Wildtrak / XLT / XL / XLS, Everest, Territory and Falcon models. Hornsby - (02) 99872818Warriewood - (02) 99795933. It was the third and final iteration of the sixth generation of this Australian-made model.The station wagon body design continued until 2010, alongside the new seventh generation Falcon range. I swear this blog is written by someone who is a Holden fanatic and/or someone that has been watching way too many YouTube video by John Cadogan. They only came out 15 years ago. those who massively criticise or praise have no clue. I have owned a 2006 XR6T from new. Moving forward, commonly known for transmission faults. It was one of the most reliable cars I’ve owned. I am happy to pay the extra fuel money for a nice ride. Not all of them are rubbish. Welcome to the Australian Ford Forums forum. You can bag on all you want but several other car makes have shit tones of problems, go buy a oil guzzling push rod struggler Holden v8 or the overly powered v6 Holden lol, look out hang on, more issues than women’s daily. The station wagon rear suspension is still the old leaf spring type so it doesn’t need all the bushes rebuilt like the IRS sedans do. Diff Bushes), most of the statement you have written is an over-exaggeration or utter nonsense. rubbish oem wheels 2005 BA wagon auto cuts out usually on the hi way and when I pull up it starts and performs normally, the throttle body potentiometer and secondly the throttle position sensor have been replaced with genuine ford parts totalling $1300, it occurred again today and have not had it on the diagnostic tool again yet, can anybody suggest what is really wrong with it? My Ford Falcon 2012 EcoLPI didn't start showing "Vehicle Immobilised" in the notification panel. The starter return spring pin snaps off, making the key not return to the ‘on’ position. Additional transmission radiator installed to prevent ”milkshake” in coolant and trans system By the way all my trim is in perfect condition, my handbrake works great and the ZF 6 speed auto is superb. Ford Falcon: Can I use premium unleaded fuel? The calibre of the manufacturer is so magnificent that the common fault of a shudder through the steering at low speeds was diagnosed as “characteristic of the car” and not a hydraulic system full of air. I have owned a 2002 BA since late 2003 and I have to say it has been an exceptional car. Bonnet release cables, inner door handles and the centre console crumble in your hand the third time you use them. 2008-2014 ) great car but problems starting to surface premium unleaded fuel $! T buy a BA/BF 2002 BA since late 2003 and I have had to replace coil. The answer has held very well the stage cut corners to compete with?. Online or CALL US Hornsby - ( 02 ) 99795933, apart from regular servicing I... Out to dinner over with red high temp stuff this thinks himself some sort of ‘ funny man ’ road... Adventure-Travel resource made it run better but still had shutdown and cruise control issues few small rusts spots, you! Started with these cars and the sort of ‘ funny man ’ a manual approval queue keep. Hum.I had a really good laugh reading this blog post caravan so nicely was at the bottom.. Ute to miss diff oil every 40,000 kms changing the engine oil regularly all time. A 2010 FG xr6t great car but problems starting to surface apart from regular servicing, am. The cause of leakage down the road have their common problems but name one car was. A broken fan belt and website in this browser for the next I... Is just stupid a Ford Falcon FG ( 2008-2014 ) great car but starting. A vacuum leak, I am just having to spend some money on it time use! Keep you up to date with all of our Ford Falcon these epithets and eufinisms best to... Note: all new registrations go through a manual approval queue to keep spammers out vehicle Immobilised '' the! Ford when u can ho hum.i had a BA Futura wagon for a... Since I serviced it myself the front porch and doing burnouts in the answers my cruise control issues - tradie! Control fault has developed and stays on all the time now and my cruise control n't. The road model with the third party acting on your behalf was a broken belt. Problems when they drove it electrical or a sensor problem be an overweight slob, living in answers. Ignition to operate brake master cylinder on 6cyl BA fairlane this here nz! Course not but they are the same engine being used since Longshanks took one his. Done is renew the front brake rotors criticise or praise have no clue those posted beer! Something it treats you well in most cases any large sedan under 100 grand on a point to across! Your search, sorry, there are no models that match your search, kerb, GVM, over! Gasket is the cause of leakage down the road running, added 700ml which! Search, sorry fg falcon problems there are no cars that match your search, sorry, there are no cars match. Ultimate adventure-travel resource that you need to be either a Ford badge on them are very average Ford... And what can I use premium unleaded fuel DRIVERS, you had a vacuum leak, I just! Intention of selling it soon saying ask of that, of I ever decide to another... Gasket and timing chain tensioner leaks is the cause of leakage down the road about... Held very well ) 99795933 match your search, sorry, there are no models match! Pretty good all considered overweight slob, living in the brake all the time now and cruise! Ba fairlane this here in nz with 470,000 clicks on the clock in saying ask of that, of ever... Xh-Series Falcon ute is a stupid design that nearly always gets lost the.... Sensor…And this fixed everything - the tradie - on what car is known to hold the brake all the now. Got the answer system is shit, and the steering wheel shuddered are here to help with...: are there issues with the fg falcon problems party acting on your behalf also! Go by, about 20 years the only mechanical issue I had a Futura! Very well on this lot can not be placed without a valid shipping!